Author: Milivoj Jovančević
Edition: 8th expanded edition
Date of publication: 27 January 2014
Number of pages: 411
Price: 20 EU

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LittleDot - healthy baby growth diary

Designed to make health record and provide useful information on growth, development, immunization, and fever. Comprehensive data file contains all health data from parents and different medical services and provides better communication with your child's doctor. In addition, set of useful information is provided. Finally, parents can create a gallery of pictures and comments as a part of medical documentation but also as a sentimental reminder of changes during childhood. All in one place, sorted by the age and topic...


1: Feeding record – time, breast (left or right), formula (quantity), attaching photo & comments.
2: Sleeping record – time, duration, attaching photo & comments.
3: Poops record – time, consistency​, attaching photo & comments.
4: Sickness – free text input, attaching photo & comments.
5: Temperature - time, degree, advices (when to take a temperature, how to take a temperature, when and how to take down elevated body temperature, when to ask for medical assistance without delay), possibility to establish Wi-Fi connection with temperature sensor (Raiing wireless thermometer) for continuous monitoring, recording and setting alarms. Attaching photo & comments enabled.
6: Medicines – record of medication (time, dosage), dosage advices for antipyretics, attaching photo & comments.
7: Growth – records height, weight, head circumference, percentiles, automatic Body mass index calculation and interpretation (age related), WHO growth curves to visualize child's growth progress, attaching photo & comments.
8: Vaccination – general information about vaccines, vaccination schedules, (USA, EU), basic information on all mandatory and optional vaccines, record of immunization, immunization time warning, attaching photo & comments.
9: Special moments – checklist of developmental milestones (motor, emotional, communicational and speech milestones), attaching photo & comments.
10: Teeth – record of teething, attaching photo & comments.
11: Other – free text input, photo attachment – for anything else parents want to record, like to prepare questions for doctor at well baby checkups, attaching photo & comments.
12: Send child data to email ... – select timeframe and set of recorded data to send via email to doctor or spouse. Simple way of consulting your doctor via email, medical record can be saved in child's medical file.
13: Children – set up a file for each child (name, photo, date of birth, gender).
14: Setup: language (English, German, Croatian), units (metric, imperial).

LittleDot is novelty addressing parental needs for a different level and quality of health care for children, promoting active care and partnership with pediatrician in charge. IT technology is an inseparable part of everyday life, and it’s potential to improve health care is well described in professional papers. Medical part of such services need to have grounds in respectful professionals, professional societies and evidence – based medicine.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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